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The Macallan Introduces Two New Double Cask Single-Malt Whiskies

The extended Macallan Double Cask range is made without compromise from European and American oak sherry seasoned casks. This remarkable single malt whiskey developed for 12, 15 and 18 years and outcome in a unique character but with warming, common tastes.

The Macallan skilled whiskey-making team optimizes the best mixture of America and European sherry seasoned oak casks to permit the delicate taste of American oak to take center level while the more customary Macallan characteristics of sherry, loaded fruits, and wood spice present a well-known backdrop.

The Macallan Double Cask 20 years old shapes Macallan dual cask variety part of the which navals the classic Macallan style and the unique feel of USA oak. This is a completely rounded single malt is a best balance, with taste of citrus, honey, and ginger.

The Macallan twin cask fifteen years old is a fair single malt whisky made by bringing the best accord of two oaks into one amazing single malt whisky. Sherry seasoned American oak provides delicate vanilla to the subtle spice of Western oak, presenting a whiskey with a hot taste, sweeter character.

The Macallan Doble cask eighteen years old is a rightly balanced single malt whisky that matured for eighteen years in both European and American sherry seasoned oak casks. Sherry seasoned American oak includes hints of citrus, vanilla, and butterscotch to the complex spice of western oak. Once matured, two amazing whisky unite to make a distinctive single malt with warmer flavor, sweeter and character.

The latest Double Cask look show the Macallan enduring wish to go beyond the general, to look for the surprising and make peerless single malts.

The Macallan double cask fifteen years old has an RPR of $100 and the Macallan Double cask eighteen years old has a RRP of $250.

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