Luxuori International is one of the more main luxury mainstream digital magazines with partners strategically positioned around the globe. 

We feature businesses which add trendier, newer, innovative opportunities, products in the mainstream marketplace, focusing exclusively on luxury goods, fashion, services, and destinations. 

We love businesses which control the 20% of the high-society. So if you’re aligned with the high-end part of the society, we might have some openings for you. Our hundreds of informative and unique articles written and curated by a team of luxury travel and lifestyle are daily frequented by lifestyle enthusiast. 

But initially, we offer provisional slots to our new customers to blend in and adjust or upgrade. We will also keep you well informed of how your business is being received. Luxuori is getting a steady stream of visitors whose average purchasing average is $5000 a week. You will have to catch up with this level, very soon, if not achieved yet. 

Make it big. Make it happen in days. We are announcing a number of regional and global advertising slots which are already up for grabs and are tailored to each brand or client’s personal requirements, geographical reach and budget. These include endorsed editorial articles, review features, banner and video advertising, social media posts, influencer collaborations, strategic partnerships and direct newsletter promotions sent to our global database of affluent consumers. 

Many companies are lined up for the limited slots we have. For this season, we have a few opportunities and your business could be showcased – reach to reserve the spot. We don’t guarantee placements immediately. 

Hotel and Villa Partner Program Supported by an online booking engine, targeted ads and advance methods of distribution, Luxuori has created a customized platform that allows luxury properties to reach an extended network of affluent travelers. Click Here for Our Hotel and Villa Partner Offerings.. 

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