Where in the World is the Largest Wine Cellar? In Moldova Of Course

It is not so much a wine cellar – as a Kingdom of wine.

Take a Deep look inside the world’s biggest wine cellar which stretches for 150 miles and can be explored in a car 

According to the Guinness World Records, the Milestii Mici wine yards in Moldova has the planet’s largest wine collection. The cellar was previously a limestone mine and is said to have the excellent conditions to home vintage wine Moldova when produced almost nearly half of the entire wine made in the complete of the former Soviet Union. 

The Milestii Mici wine yards in Moldova has a staggering almost 1.5 Millions of bottles in its huge wine collection –  A Guinness Word record as I mentioned above – and they are stored in the wine cellar that stenches for a wonderful 150 (over 240 KM) miles. 

It is so luxurious that have guests can drive around it in a vehicle or explore on a motorbike. However, just 35 Miles of the wine cellar is in use, the holders remain felt in essential to put up street names to prevent visitors from getting lost. The wine Kingdom of Subterranean was earlier a limestone mine that was turned into the wide wine cellar in the 60s. 


When the mine closed, it turns into the wonderful wine cellar for the neighboring vineyard as the limestone walls retain humidity and retain the temp cool, which are the perfect situations for super vintage red wine. And the Milestii Mici wine yard produces a few of the spectacular red wines, a few of that worth hundreds of Euros. 


Its moderate climate of the Black Sea, low mountains and fertile ground create one of the most excellent places in Europe to grow grapes. The state is also house to the Cricova wine yard, which also keeps a wide network of underground tunnels. 


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