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Porsche Design Launches It’s Build Your Own Custom Watch Program

Certainly, time is an important thing, that no one has control in it. Yet, you can measure is and can use the right time for the proper opportunity. With this in mind, the Porsche design starts program to build your own custom watch. Let’s dig deep.

This custom watch will coordinate all-time beloved sports car Porsche 911. The customers can choose from approximately 1.5 million+ distinct configurations. These watches will be absolutely personalized when they are all different from one another. They can choose different Leather, stitching style, metal trim, winding mechanisms, etc. which will harmonize with their cars. If a buyer doesn’t have any car, he/she will get a great vibe from the watch.

After creating the custom watch design, the client can transmit the custom configuration to the regional Porsche dealership. The Porsche dealership will place the order and process the custom design.

Previously, the Porsche Design provided watches through alliances with different watch manufacturers. However, in 2014 the Porsche shifted to the in-house production. This process allows them and the clients to have more custom and unique designs than ever.

Indeed, a custom Porsche watch is unique and the price will begin at $6000 to $12600 for the maximum customization. The sale will start on 1st September 2020 in the USA. The basic watches will appear with the chronograph face, and with farther customization by the buyer, it will turn into something unprecedented for them!

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