Andy Warhol Returns To Madrid 35 Years Later


Obviously, one of the biggest news in the world of art is the comeback of the world-renowned personality, Andy Warhol in Madrid. Entire Spain is mesmerized to welcome this iconic artist, who influenced and inspired the Spanish culture and art three decades ago. After a long break of 35 years, he has finally agreed to hold an exhibition in Caixa Forum Museum Madrid, owned by Fernando Vijande. The name of the show is “Warhol. Mechanical Art”. As the name suggests, the entire exhibition will portray each and every aspect of the evolution of Warhol from a graphic designing segment towards being a pop sensation.

Certainly, in the 1950s Andy worked successfully in brand promotion and publication industry. In those early days, he already gained some rare experiences to work with World-famous magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Tiffany and Co. Interestingly, he is going to set up a whole segment dedicated to those very inspiring days named after “Andy Warhol before Warhol.”

Except this, some uncommon works of Warhol will be showcased like his exceptional works in the field of experimental cinema, a model of vibrating silver clouds made of helium, etc. There will be around 350 different items for exhibitions including portraits, photographs, books, magazines, models and so on.


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