Seiko Presage’s Shippō Enamel Limited Edition pays tribute to an ancient Japanese art form


Surprisingly, the Seiko Presage Shipping Enamel Ltd is ready to unleash its latest edition of premium watches. This new generation of watches with a touch of ancient Japanese flavor is a perfect tribute to a specific Japanese form of art. This secret technique kept hidden to the rest of the world for centuries by the world of rising Sun.

The metallic blue dial is handcrafted by select skilled artisans with extreme care. The Shippo premium watches have some exceptional features like remaining power indicator, calendar, and date function. The color, hue and bluish finish of the watch has a resemblance with the city of Hiroshima surrounded by blue sea water.

Instantly, Shippo Enameling is a fine form of art, and many watch lovers are always ready to spend 10k bucks for this genre of watches. But the mechanical excellence of Japan has let them create the best form of Shippo Enameled collection of unmatched quality within a much lower price tag. The ultra-thin 1 mm dial is hand painted in the desired color, and then it is exposed to a really high temperature of around 800° Centigrade. This process is repeated again and again tirelessly till the right color and contrast is achieved. Actually, this is the secret behind not fading out of the color, even years of constant uses. The watches go through a polishing process by the expert artisans which goes on till the master approves it.

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