Discover the New 911 Chronograph Timeless Machine


The Porsche 911 without a touch of doubt represents the zenith of advanced sports cars. Introduced more than five decades ago in 1963, it’s far this German car developer’s most well-known item. Porches design an offshoot firm founded by the 911’s famous designer, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, carries on the deep heritage of the Stuttgart based brand with remarkable success and a range of lifestyle items, including watches.

This design has clearly focused on the chronographs since releasing the powerful chronograph I form 72, a unique wrist time completely encased in titanium for the initial time in the timepiece field.

Newly Porsche design has raised the bar on its unique chronographs while paying homage to its exclusive horological icon from past, starting with MONOBLOC Actuator, that’s surely encased in titanium and features an amazing integrated pusher ecosystem. The unique Porsche design watches of recent times are characterized by minimalist shape inspired by the Globe of motor racing and, surely the iconic range Porsche 911.

On the event of the launching of the recent generation 911- this design also introduces a new short-term collection wrist watch named Porsche design amazing 911 chronograph timeless device limited collection, which will be avail at retail in next year April. This 42 MM mechanical titanium watch features a dashboard feel black with amazing contrasting white indices and hands and red chronograph parts.

Commemorating the recent 911 CARRERA 4S, the dial also styles an outline of the design and an arched plaque featuring the world timeless device, taking the position of running at nine o’clock. The unique leather strap is designed using the similar leather and thread from the amazing 911’s design.
This is limited to 911 items; this latest chronograph is set to retail at the clever cost of $5,411(€4,911).

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