World-Renowned DJ Tiësto Is named Global Creative Director of BEAU JOIE Champagne


Especially, not just good champagne take you to the stares, it will take you to the different dimension surely. For that reason, World-Renowned DJ Tiësto is ready to introduce a new drink into the champagne industry. World-recognized DJ & Grammy winning Tiësto is joining Toast Spirits LLC as their Global Creative Director from now.

Obviously, Tiësto’s new thinking and work will improve in brands all creative developments. Not just that, he will be responsible for- content generation, social media campaigns, overall brand strategy, marketing partnerships, packaging improvements, etc. In his first day, he has already focused on Hong Kong and China, as for the brand’s entryway into the Asian market. Tiësto will work jointly with Jon Deitelbaum, President & CEO of Toast Spirits LLC & Brandis Deitelbaum and also the Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer. As Jon Deitelbaum has focused on the USA market for more branding, the Tiësto will do the same, or try to improvise a lot.

Meanwhile, Tiësto’s says: “I came to know BEAU JOIE through an encounter with the brand on a yacht during an incredible trip to Hong Kong and immediately knew I had to be a part of it.” Furthermore, he added: “I am excited to help take this brand to the next level.” So for that reasons, everyone has their eye on Tiësto, thus they can celebrate the changes for real.

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