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Vacheron Constantin Presents One-Off Les Cabinotiers Grande Complication Phoenix

SIHH has remained months away, but the buzz has previously started with some prereleases ahead of the story in Jan. That said, if Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Majestic Complication Phoenix is not the main headliner, the planet’s oldest watchmaker is in for one hell of a show.

A recent interpretation of one of the MAISON’s most complicated items, this contains a VIP guest list of complications. The Caliber 2755 is equipped with the growingly common triumvirate of the miniature repeater, perpetual calendar, and tourbillion Not that those 3 are to be sniffed at; it is just that there’re many of watchmakers trying to outdo any other nowadays; only look at BULGARI’s latest effort.

This edition though homes of astronomical indicators, including sunrise and sunset, a sky chart, sidereal hours and minutes, the equation of time, moon phase indicator, the symbols of the zodiac and the periods. Yeah, it is a lot to take in. You can see where it acquires its extraterrestrial inspirations from.
Speaking of that, the matter is nothing short of a master piece. Scales are engraved across the bezel and, fine, pretty much each metallic surface, while a 3-dimensional flaming bird head flanked by unique features on every side.

It is not subtle, but this is extremely magnificent. It does not matter which side you look at either, whether it is recognizable if complicated watch face or the features on the back place an observatory to shame.
It should not come as too much for a wonder to know that Phoenix is a sole piece – but then, so are most of Les Cabinetries. It is not difficult to see why either, the movement or case either are way enough to warrant it as a one-off. Only try to amaze about the cost. It is not available as of so far, but you can be certain it is an emperor’s ransom.

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