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Ulysse Nardin Surprises with Its New Erotic Classico Watches, Designed by Milo Manara

Eventually, the time has many untold stories of your life. To speak out some untold stories- famous watchmaker ‘Ulysse Nardin’ & well known Italian erotic comic book artist ‘Milo Manara’ created a series of 10 lustful erotic watches. These watches tell some regular story of a ‘mythical sea of desire where Ulyssa & Nadia who ware a mermaid & a woman, meet & fall in love.

Uniquely, these watches are based on ‘Manara’s drawings of underwater encounters among a charming woman & a mythic mermaid. He uses the micro painting technique & literally transplanted Manara’s story onto watch faces in a series that is made the public display at the SIHH in Geneva in January 2019 for the 1st time. They spent nearly 50 hours to shrink each of Manara’s drawings on the watch faces. Surprisingly, each & every photo has been painted by hand using a micro brush that has the width of a single eyelash. To intensify the Manara’s seductive scenes, lacquer has been used as a topcoat on the acrylic painting which will reflect the light more and focus on Manara’s masterpieces.

Altogether, the build quality of these watches are strong, they used polished stainless steel for the job. The Milo Manara special edition watches are also available in 5-N rose gold. Important to realize, only 10 watches per drawing will be created in stainless steel & extra 10 pieces in rose gold. That makes this watch series controlled to only 200 pieces in the world.

Consequently, these ‘Classico Minara’ wristwatches are equipped with UN-320 self-winding manufacture movement. To have an utmost area on the watch faces for the drawings, only the hours & minutes are used. The watches are in 40 mm diameter & came with dark blue alligator straps, to match the watch-face drawings. Meanwhile, when you but any watch from the series, you will have an authentic numbered ‘Milo Manara printings’, which are also signed by him as the special gift from the artist ‘Ulysse Nardin’. Eventually, you don’t want to miss the chance to decorate your room with a picture like that, & also chance to write a new story for himself!

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