Tinder for watches will help you match with your dream timepiece from over 250 brands


The newest matchmaking service for timepiece geeks has hit the American market. Watch Advisor, Swiss-based timepiece firm, is bringing watch Tinder to US timepiece enthusiasts via its latest collaboration with registered timepiece E-TAILER TROVERIE. The internet database has been a source of earners and watches customers select, explore, and buy authorized watches via picked EU retailers, but currently, watch advisor can link its US pre-users to timepiece available stateside via TROVERIE.

Like the dating application Tinder, Watch Tinder makes a match based on a few brief preferences resulting, in this matter, in the ideal collaborator in time. Unlike the dating service, watch tinder links clients to their timepiece matches via a collection of lifestyles questions.

Timepiece hunters by picking their preferred sorts of watches according to lists ranging from sailing, diving, and motorsports to more out of the box collection like betting and even erotic timepieces.
Then consumers can pick whether they prefer affordable and distinguished, luxurious and distinguished, luxurious and recognizable, watches. The records will then offer a collection of timepieces, which the consumer can either like/dislike.

If a customer wants to buy a watch, watch Tinder will suggest boutiques where the watches are sold and let the consumer reach out the boutique via the site. Now US customers can be linked to US-based TROVERIE in its place of being directed to EU (European) Boutiques.

In addition to being linked with their ideal watches, consumers can also make lists – same to a PINTEREST board – of timepieces they either plan to purchase or are on their desire list.

Over 252 brands are avail on Watch advisor for perusal. That adds all from conventional wristwatches to inventive makings from independent, as-well-as both pocket timepieces as well as smartwatches.. Get ready to go down the rabbit puncture and tick away the hours.

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