This Submersible Excursion Takes You Below the Unexplored Waters of the Indian Ocean


The Kingston tours unveil the ultimate gateway of ocean-loving explores, a super adventure in Seychelles featuring dives abroad a deep ocean science secluded atolls, submersible a private yacht and a five-star resort

A truly historic, once in a lifetime mission abroad submersible will take an exclusive range of adventures into the uncharted depths of the ocean – the final great frontier of our world.

The short-term edition, Mysteries of the Deep Ocean, itinerary is provided by individual guided our firm Kingston tours and is aimed at super luxury-minded customers looking for really unforgettable experience. The tour features exploratory dives into the ocean, exclusive hands-on skills abroad and working scientific research vessel; entrance to one of the most remote and naturally protected tropical areas, and accommodation abroad an individual yacht below the limitless sunny skies of Seychelles – the luxuries meet oceanic exploration adventure.

Expeditions start in Mar 2019 onboard a high-tech submersible diving into earlier unexplored waters of the ocean close to the UNESCO world heritage place of Aldabra Atoll. Confirmed with rare exploration allows for the region, the company is exceptionally leading this excursion alongside the NEKTON ocean research institute and the GOVT of Seychelles.

Kingston tours is a mission collaborator with nekton co-funding this vital ocean research work, stated founder and explorers club members of Kingston Tours, Jeff WILLNER. The deep Indian Ocean is the last enormous unfamiliar frontier. We’ve better maps of the moon than our individual oceans, and experts estimate there’re over a million species remain to discover.

His last mission in Bermuda with top experts from Oxford UNI outcome in the discovery of new Indian Ocean area named the RAPRIPHOTIC. Each time we drive in the site it’ll be the first descent for mankind, this real adventure, and science!

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