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Though the ‘Age of wrist watch’ is doomed because of the smartphones, there is still a hope where ‘Omega Seamaster Diver 300m watch’ from well-known watchmaker company omega celebrates 25 years of its release. Since 1993 to 2018, this legendary watch came with 14 different models; each has its unique signature style from omega. In summary, they are evolving each model, and they can truly say- ‘Guess, what is next’.

As a matter of fact, the watch has a 42-mm dial with the ceramic bezel and the diving scale included. They came in various colours like- white enamel or Ceragold. The dials are made from ceramic, and the wave patterns on the watch are laser-engraved. It’s a magnetic resistance with precision time calculating capability, the performance and reliability are off the chart.

Furthermore, the ‘Omega Seamaster Exhibition’ will be held at the “ION Orchard Level 1 ION²”. It will be open to the general public from 4th October to 14th October from 10-am to 10-pm, daily. For the promotional image for this show, James Bond aka Daniel Craig is warring this watch (Blue Version) with a tuxedo with his sexy looks. You may buy one for yourself or gift this watch to your boss for a guaranteed promotion.

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