The Next-Generation Land Rover Defender Is Coming to America in 2020


The Land Rover has unveiled that next generation Defender will be revealed this year 2019 and after a 22-year hiatus, the car model will take a return to North America when it goes on auction in the Canada and USA from 2020.

There’re a handful of cars that are beloved around the globe and stand for a top brand, a state and distinct way of life. The Next-Gen Land Rover Defender is such a singular car, stated Kim McCullough vice president of advertising for Jaguar Land Rover N.A.

On the behalf of our retailers and the Land Rover, we’re round to unveil the voices of Canadian and American clients have been heard: the entire new Defender will be for auction here in starting in 2020. This unveiling is a super holiday present to our Defender fans in N.A (North America) and a sign of what is to come in the New Year’s She added.

Between 93 and 97, the Defender was sold in the area as the NA Specification cars. Though the discussion NAS Spec deemed to be not gainful, and the firm discounted the model for NA, prompting NAS defender to appreciate in cost significantly and being largely sought after by collectors.

Before the latest Defender is introduced, engines will place a range of prototypes and development mules via the wringer, including operating in temp from – 40 to 48 degrees Celsius while driving the test cars on and off road altitudes of more than 13K feet above the sea level.

In words of details, the off reader will be underpinned by JLR’s MLA platform, and the feature an all-new exterior as well as interior design and a suite of the recent driver assistance and connectivity ecosystem.

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