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The New EQC Is the Mercedes-Benz Among Electric Vehicles

Mercedes Benz introduced its first all-electric car, the EQC sports utility car, recently. The car, which will be avail on the US in 2020, will mark the debut of the German Vehicle manufacturer’s electric EQ MARQUE.
Mercedes Benz states the EQC will have 2 motors that generate 565-Pound feet of torque, 403 horsepower, and the capability to accelerate from 0-96.5km/h (60mph) in 5 seconds. Its 85KWH battery will offer a range of up to 322km and will be capable to charge from 10% to 80% capacity in just 40 minutes when applying a direct current (DC) fast charger.

The EQC’s expected range is lower than the stated numbers of forthcoming opponents such as the Audi E-TRON (more than 250 miles), Jaguar I-Pace (up to 245 miles) which are expected to come at US dealership later 2018 and in 2019, respectively.

The Max range for a Tesla Model-X is 289m.
The EQC will also add Mercedes Benz’s new user interface, MBUX, which feature a virtual instrument panel and touch display. Mercedes Benz explains the interface will be capable to learn and predict rider tendencies, such as frequent positions and radio station option, and create suggestion based on them.
The new riders will be capable to manage several of the car’s setting using voice managing, which the car developers say will be capable to infer requests from a huge range of voice prompts.

If a passenger or driver says the vehicle is too cold, for instance, the car will boost its temp.The car will have half independent driver assistance function that’ll be capable to manage the car’s speed in rush traffic, give steering assistance, and brake to limit or avoid the damage from a collision, Mercedes Benz says.

Manufacture of the car will begin in 2019 in Germany. Right after the EQC, the car maker will launch an electric saloon. They said it plans to invest 11 Billion USD

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