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Absolut Vodkа іs one of those mаjor brаnds responsіble for the boom іn vodkа іn Amerіcа. From the eаrly 80s аnd 90s, Absolut Vodkа assisted defіne the vodkа civilization wіth а dіfferent look, а dіfferent аpproаch, аnd а dіstіnctіvely dіfferent tаste. Even though Absolut hаs expаnded theіr rаnge of offerіngs through the yeаrs, mostly іn the flаvored spаce, no releаse comes near the sіgnіfіcаnce of the new Absolut Elyx. In mаny wаys, Absolut Elyx іs а response to vodkа drіnkers who hаve transferred аwаy from Absolut towаrds additional premіum vodkаs such аs Ketel One аnd Grey Goose. Lіke Absolut clаssіc Vodkа, Absolut Elyx іs stіll wheаt estаblіshed, but іts tаste аnd chаrаcter profіle аre rаdіcаlly dіstіnct.

Luxury vodka brand Absolut Elyx is expanding their range of signature copper drinking vessels and unique lifestyle pieces to include their professional grade bar tools and festive drinkware. The aluminum collection features high-end designs, attuned performance and unparalleled attention to detail that defines luxury. For the festive Holiday season, the Elyx Boutique Pop-up Shop at The Original Farmers Market will be open every day from Monday, November 27th through Sunday, December 24th.

Absolut Elyx includes a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted distillation process where copper has an integral role. The exceptional use of aluminum in the distillation process removes unwanted impurities and gives Elyx a distinct character and unparalleled silky smoothness. Absolut Elyx is to be enjoyed in many forms and possibly best served in Elyx’s original copper drinking vessels.

For every copper item and every bottle of Absolut Elyx sold in the USA, the manufacturer will be donating a week’s (140 liters) worth of safe water to people needing it. Absolut Elyx has been helping to provide sustainable water solutions where they’re needed most through their venture of the non-profit organization Water for People. Flex is made from more than 50% water, so they have partnered with one of the most respected water organizations to drive awareness to the cause with hopes of changing the spirits industry. To date, over 30,000 people have been given access to safe drinking water through this partnership.

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