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The Long Wait Is Over, Porsche Presents the New 911 Carrera S & 4S Cabriolet

Porsche has just announced its recent edition of the heralded Sports back convertible: the 911 CARRERA Cabriolets! 

In its 18th generation, the 992 iteration of the iconic Sports car once again chops the top and becomes sleekest 911s to date. Upgrades to the construction of the peak – magnesium contents and improved hydraulic parts – let for a faster 12-second act of raising and lowering of the convertible stuff top at a maintained over 30 MPH. 

In addition, Cabriolet versions will include Porsche’s activity suspension control system allowing for smooth adjustable ride height and rigidity which was once just found on S and GTS variants. 

Performance wise, the recent variant will incorporate the 992 coupe’s internals: a 3L twin turbocharged direct 6 will belt out 443 hp with 390 lb-ft of splendid torque throughout its eight-speed auto PDK transmission. With this will accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 3.6 seconds, while the 4 wheel drive 4S cabriolet variant will chop a 2nd off. Finally, go for the Sports Chrono pack to eliminate two more seconds from both variants if the utter pace is your absolute priority with a convertible. 

Now what you need to know … 

The 2020 911 CARRERA S Cabriolet will begin at 126.100 USD and the 4S Cabriolet at 133,400 USD, excluding a 1250 USD delivery charges and the laundry list of options purchaser expected to add. Both can be ordered now and will arrive in US dealerships at the tail end of summer. Porsche remains has not released so far and any further info about an upcoming TARGA, GT3 and TURBI variants, but considering the time among the Cabriolet and Coupe announcement, expect these to be rolled out in next quarter of 2019. 

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