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The John Walker Masters’ Edition: Half a Century in the Making

Just one hundred of the of John Walker Masters’ Edition, John Walker’s initial fifty years of older whiskey have been released with an RPP of 25,000 USD. Each one is blended of whiskeys from 6 distillers that were prepared during the life of Walker, who lived from 1805 to 1857.

One malt whiskeys sourced from Glenury Royal, Glen Albyn and Blair Athol distilleries have been mix together with crumb whiskeys from Cambus, Caledonian and Port Dundas. Of these distilleries, just Blair Athol stays operational.

John Walker worldwide company director, John Williams stated, 50 years old whiskeys are extremely rare. Whiskeys of this time have amazing character but it takes remarkable skill to reveal their taste and then level them so people can value the end result.

That is where our master combination Jim Beveridge, one of the only 6 in the time of John Walker, and his small panel of incredible whiskey creators come into their own as experts of their craft. The John Walker expert’s edition is a unique triple matured Scotch whiskey which has been ended in small batches in a marrying cask made of one hundred years old oak staves.

The appearance is presented in a cabinet from N.E.J. Stevenson, Cabinet creators by meeting to Her Majesty The Queen.

On the taste, the expression is stated to have flavors of citrus and black currants, which “provide a way too loaded, creamy dark chocolate and a long, warming and gentle touch with cooling menthol and a slight smokiness”.




“Each and every drop of this has been specially selected from a few of the most precious and valuable casks of malt and crumb whiskies to originate in our reserves, Jim Stated.

“Our aim was to pay honor to the whiskey masters who worked hard with these such a long ago and, with the making of the Masters’ Edition, I believe we have done that.”

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