The Internet Buzzing With Excitement Over Louis Vuitton’s New Glow In The Dark Bag

Obviously, with Louis Vuitton, you can expect anything that is normal to rethink to a fashion statement. They have fashion accessories, dresses, shoes, diamond ornaments, and even perfumes. When anyone uses a Louis Vuitton product, that means who are the provider of top quality luxury products. The Louis Vuitton just came with a new idea for their old product- luggage or bags. Now with the special edition, you can buy a Louis Vuitton bag that will glow in dark. Now the Louis Vuitton Fall 2019 Glow in the Dark Monogram Bag is trending on the internet. Everyone wants a bag like that from the brand that has a long history of making the customers happy. 

This project is the brain-child of ‘Virgil Abloh’ who is the creative director, these bags are the prime focal point of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection. On the bag, the keepalls are seemingly lit-up with a series of fiber-optic lights that are smoothly adapted into the bag’s fabric materials. The glow-in-dark bags were 1st displayed at the Louis Vuitton’s Paris show that also showcased other products from Abloh’s eclectic new collections. The multi-star event’s last experience was the glowing keepalls bags, which are carried by black models in the dark. The multi-color glow looks hot & sensual in the dark for real. 

Unfortunately, Louis Vuitton still did not announce an official release date for this fiber-optic glow up bags that makes everyone crazy to have one for them. But it’s expected that they will hit the showrooms around the world by the April 2019. It’s also anticipated that the price will be much higher than the same bag without the glow-in-dark effects. As the current internet craze, we can hope that the bags don’t have to wait a single moment for having a new owner. The glow in dark concept is not new, but implementing that in a bag, with that style & the way it is a luxuries fashion statement, its only Louis Vuitton can achieve! 

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