The 180-ft AMELS 180 Is Sold & Due for Summer 2019 Delivery


Dutch Luxury Yacht manufacture AMELS recently unveiled the sale of the latest 55 meter AMELS 180-ft forms the AMLES short-term range. With the delivery of the Yacht in spring 2019, the holder will take complete benefit of the limited editions approach to join personal design options with quick delivery in less than a year.

The holder represented by the Mark Wood of burgers, designed the custom-made color plan in partnership with the exterior designer Heywood and the team of AMELS, while the bespoke interiors are by designer LAURA SESSA. One of the favorite features of the AMLES 180 includes the highly impressive 180 square meter sun deck, the main deck holders’ suite with unique folding terrace, plus a huge body link deck sky Lounge.

The AMLES 180 has proven complete displacement naval art with huge volume, offering solid and stable sea keeping character for great comfort and worldwide range. The logical layout and correctly sized storage for tools is a direct outcome of the massive volume, assuring no compromise for tours needing wide terms of complete luxury service at sea.

The next avail AMLES 180 is currently under construction for delivery in summer period in 2020.
The holder was looking for proven ocean going performance so he ends his family can joy areas around the globe. We cannot wait to see this bespoke AMLES 180-ft cursing in the elegant EXUMAS or across to the Pacific only like her sister ships do, stated RUTGER DOLK, AMELS commercial panel.

The holder, as well as his family, has been extremely linked in the bespoke exterior/interior design, he added, developing such a customized yachting experience while remain offering delivery in fewer than12-months is enormous compliments to our project and design teams and demonstrates how fine our short-term edition approach works.

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