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Thailand’s Highest 360-degree Observation Deck and Rooftop Bar Open

Bangkok is well-known for several things. Temples, street food, and over the peak shopping malls come to mind. Terrifying experiences that create your knees shake and your palms sweat? No, so much, unless you figure the city’s infamous traffic jams. The newest MAHANAKHON Sky Walk, though, is an amazing addition to Bangkok’s roster of friend-family tourist attractions.

Kind Power MAHANAKHON – presently the biggest building in Thailand – has launched an observation deck that sits of dizzying over 300 meters above land.

At MAHANAKHON, visitors can start at the observatory situated on the 74th to 74th floor, to get an indoor panoramic vision of the area, as-well-as augmented reality experience of Bangkok’s range of viewers attractions.

The actual highlight, though, is up on the 77th floor. Take the hydraulic glass elevator 76th floor to visit the outside observation deck, starting with the amazing glass Tray, an entire glass floor which King Power claims is one of the planet’s largest that offers vertigo-inducing views of the town, before climbing up one more flight of stairs to the peak for a full view of city’s skyline.

To steady your nerves, have drink or 2 at one of the tallest rooftop bars in Southeast Asia, also situated on the 78th floor of the building. There’re 2 sorts of tickets available – B850 for the inside observation deck B1,050 on the or74th floor for access to the entire 3 floors (74th, 75th, and 78th).

To celebrate the opening, from today until Jan, 31st, 2019. MAHANAKHON Skywalk is offering a 10% discount for the buying of the B850 ticket that adds a free upgrade to the complete access ticket. One free complimentary solid soft drink and a B100 money voucher for buying an alcoholic drink at the rooftop bar is also availed.

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