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Step into the glamorous American inspired POTUS restaurant and Bar

Drawing Inspiration from America’s drink and vibrant food scene, every dish reflects diff parts of the state’s cultural identity, whilst the signature cocktails meals have been highly inspired by past US President. Below the leadership of the Executive Chef, Pablo, officially at MNKY HSE, PUTS will serve top-notch interpretations of America’s most well-loved and revered classic menus.

All set to draw crowds of Londoner and visitors alike, POTUS creative dishes will see all guests enjoy a range of meals from USDA Smoked Steak with some amazing crispy chicken skins, mustard bourbon and CORNICHONS dressing to San Francisco CIOPPINO with some spiced lobster sea beam, broth, clams, and scallops.

With new jobs son company favorites like the New UK Clam Chowder Cheese and Truffle, the restaurants will utilize the greatest and freshest ingredients to portray the diverse US character.

This is also house to a huge American Wine chart, a range of beers, signature cocktails and a spirits menu highly inspired by American Presidents. Will all from Teddy Smash, A Hat Club, a real Tribute to Roosevelt’s true love for MOJOTOS to a JFK and Mary, these cocktails will surely to get your flavors buds tingling.

The bar and restaurant, which is situated in the Crowne Plaza London City – Albert Embankment, will also host Blues evenings and intimate Jazz throughout the month – the ideal musical companion to every of the POTUS’ vibrant cocktails.

At the helm, Administrative Chef Pablo has curated a food menu comprised of his favorites, and the food recipes have been passed down throughout generations, discovered whilst touring and perfected with individual experience. Committed to applying the maximum quality ingredients and perpetuation the restaurant’s eco responsibilities, POTUS will just use the extremely freshest ingredients, whilst utterly sourcing their fish from highly sustainable fisheries.

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