Staying at a Waldorf Astoria? Why not drive the latest Aston Martin as well


When you are making your journey with style, your destination should be overwhelming. So so, when you are driving an Aston Martin like James bond, you should not stay in any hotel or motel. With that in mind, Aston Martin has come up with their unique idea; they are making a new four-year deal with luxury hotel brand Waldorf Astoria. From the deal, one can avail the powerful luxury sports cars and exceptional service and care from Waldorf Astoria, the impressive hotel brand. This partnership has a long future, soon after the new 4 years deal.

As a result, Waldorf Astoria will become Aston Martin Racing’s official hotel partner. They will be offering VIP packages at some of the F1 team’s races, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June. The deal will continue for similar packages of other international motor shows. In Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California next August, the offer remains valid.

Certainly, in another part of the new 4 years deal, Aston Martin offer driving experiences for new guests. The “Art of Living” program is launched by Aston Martin, where one can get a unique drive and stay packages. Without delay, 4 of those will be hosted in Waldorf Astoria hotels across the world where the hotel guests will have exclusive access to a number of Aston Martin sports cars. They will be assisted by Aston Martin’s team of experts and professional drivers. Accordingly, if you want to test drive the sports car of your dream, you should book the rooms in Waldorf Astoria.

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