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Snøhetta’s Svart, The First Energy-Positive Hotel Due To Open 2022

Indeed, in today’s world, the massive use of energy leading to a dangerous carbon footprint. Although remaining carbon neutral and energy positive is the only way to keep the natural balance effectively. With this in mind, the international architecture firm Snøhetta build a hotel that is energy positive. Introducing ‘Svart’ – World’s First Energy-Positive Hotel!

Located on the down the side of Almlifjellet mountain, Norway near the Arctic Circle this hotel initiates in 2021. With the ring design and better luxurious rooms, this will become a hotspot for tourists from all over the world. In 2015, studies shows that over 3.6 million tourists visited Norway alone, indicating a 12% jump from 2014. Approximately 3.6 million tourists visited Norway in 2015, which a 12% increase from 2014. Now with this hotel, the tourism industry is expecting more. Yet, because of the recent pandemic situation, the world tourism industry is affected severely.

Being a powerhouse hotel, this place generates more energy than it utilizes due to the daily activity of the hotel. Only, for this reason, this hotel is considered as the “World’s First Energy-Positive Hotel”! By lowering the carbon footprint and minimum use of fossil fuel while generating power from unconventional sources, they create an example for the world.

For the tourists, it’s excellent to stay in a lavish room with all other facilities and enjoy the arctic environment of Norway. Everyone should visit this magical place once in their life.

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