Sir Jony Ive and Marc Newson Create a Ring-shaped Diamond


Indeed, a unique gift always is special for (your) someone special. For them who want challenging gifts for others, Sir Jony Ive and Marc Newson Create a Ring-shaped Diamond which you can buy and gift eventually. They designed this exclusive ring-shaped diamond for RED by Diamond Foundry for raising funds for treating the HIV/AIDS in African countries.

Important to realize, the ring is designed singularly, with un-compromised clarity. The design is also inspired by the MacBook. This unique ring-shaped diamond is cutting out from a single diamond block, where it needed precision cut up to several millimeters. The micrometer thick water jet with a laser beam is used to cut and smoothing the ring interior thus it gets its final looks. As a matter of fact, the finished ring has 2000-3000 facets, which is a never-seen thing on this genre on a single piece of diamond ornaments. This ring-shaped diamond is crud sized and ready to be sold at the upcoming Sotheby’s auction on 5th December on Art Basel Miami. Where the auction winner may custom cut it up to size 5 for fitting. This ring-shaped diamond showcased for the public from 1st December, the World AIDS Day. If you want the ring-shaped diamond, you need to have approximate $150K to $200k in your budget.


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