Rouge Dior Wishes Campaign Starring Bella Hadid


Consequently, the New Year is among us, greeting everybody a very happy time for the rest of the days of the present year. To celebrate the occasion the ‘Peter Philips’ who is the Creative & Image Director of the Dior’s makeup has some good news for women’s. He reveals the “limited edition Rouge Dior” for the stylish and modern woman of this world. For that special reason, they cast the ‘Bella Hadid’ as the makeup ambassador of the product. She wishes everyone hope, luck, love, excitement & happiness throughout this new journey.

As a matter of fact, this Rouge Dior ‘Wishes campaign’ is designed to celebrate the enthusiasm for the holidays. Bella Hadid reveals the limited editions of Rouge Dior created by Peter Philips. This Dior makeup icon is decorated with a ring set with stars & a stick incised with a wish. The lipstick’s stick is engraved with a wish: “Thrill”, “Luck”, “Love”, “Bliss” & “Faith”. The message suddenly cures the sadness of any heart!

Meanwhile, the ‘Rouge Dior’ is enhanced with a cult formula of 16-hours comfort, that allows women to feel relaxing, regardless what color they use & despite what finish it is- matte or satin. This lipstick comes in various trendy colors like- passionate pink, iconic reds, romantic rosewoods, vibrant corals, etc. Also extreme & surprising matte shades are added too.

Certainly, the “Rouge Dior” lipsticks come with a contemporary metallic couture case, which is crafted with unprecedented details. The product has a touch of personal luxury eventually. Again, the inside of each lipstick’s cap is costumed in the Rouge 999 shade, which is “Dior’s bombastically sexy signature color. The product will enhance your soul thus your inner sexiness will come out properly.

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