REVEL Avila Añejo Expands Your Horizons in the World of Agave Spirits


REVEL Avila an award-winning like of agave spirit which hails from a south part of the Mexico state of Morelos, now took the wraps off its 3rd expression – ANEJO. Just like the brand’s REPOSADO and Blanco expressions, the ANEJO appeal to those seeking to extend their own horizons in the planet of agave spirits, providing a distinct and sole flavor profile that just REVEL can provide. This is developed and imported uniquely by REVEL spirits.

At 96 proofs and created form the similar 100 percent pure blue Weber agave as firm’s award-winning REPOSADO and Blanco, ANEJO is a masterful touch of roasted and steamed PINAS. The amazing spirit is thrice distilled and rested in Solid French oak barrels for 2 years, which helps produce its core rich color.

This ANEJO delivers an intense complexity with nuances of caramel, exclusive cognac, and dried fruit. The REVEL Avila should be pleased neat for an unforgettable and wonderful experience.

ANEJO is the culmination of limitless terms spend by our expert’s distiller perfecting its feel profile, as-well-as the efforts of our skill farmers and JIMADORS who nurture our agave from the seed to harvest, satiated by co-founder and CEO of Revel Spirits, Micah McFarlane.

As the saying goes, the fine things come with time, and that is right what you will find with any sip of REVEL’s ANEJO. We are looking forward to developing the AVILA list even more and assuring that agave aficionados across the globe will come to know what he and its TERROIR have to provide.

Avila is a complete new range of agave spirits and exists alongside the likes of tequila, SOTOL, MEZCAL, and BACONROA. REVEL Avila ANEJO will start shipping this month for an SRP of $150 (750 ml). It joins REVEL Avila BLANCO SRP USD $50 which is rapidly bottled as well as distribution, and REPOSADO SRP $75 USD, which is aged for one year in a once applied whiskey oak barrel offer a scotch like taste.

Retail at the clever cost of $5,411(€4,911).


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