Renowned french bakery Laduree’ has unveiled an all-new fragrance


While a well known French Marquee LADUREE is best known for its great surgery delights, it has slowly branched out and builds a name for itself in all other departments over the past years. After introducing an entire exclusive and incredible cosmetic range in 2013, the well-known brand also presented us with such an amazing scent (Perfume): The Les MERVEILLEUSE Eau De PERFUM earlier this year (2018).

In an order to bring in a highly polished model of its debut scent, LADUREE is now set to launch the MERVEILLEUSE Eau De PERFUM Toilette, an upgrade as well as new notes of the predecessor. While the earlier was highly inspired by the eighth century age and the classic notes of iris root and amazing face powder, the former perfume while raking into deep consideration the Powderly particles of iris, moreover defines it with such vibrant notes of citrus and many more.

The resulting combination is an amazingly soft floral blend with a clean mesmerizing base of iris, jasmine, and violet, furthermore, complemented by perfume notes of super fresh berry fruit as well as a bitter orange.

Such a cool and novel fragrance also brings with invigorating signs of ORRIS and a gentle musk and pure white Suede that ideally round out the entire feels and flavors of the perfume or scent in one single place.
As for the decanter, the latest MERVEILLEUSE Eau De PERFUM finds its home in a super elegant glass bottle which apes the shape of the actual for a lot of parts and replaces its shiny top with a luxury silver stopper. The MERVEILLEUSE Eau De PARFUM by the well-known brand (LADUREE) is presently available $92.99 US Dollar (Approx) each 50ml.

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