Power Giants Porsche & Puma Announced A Strategic Collaboration

Obviously, the style and luxury are synonyms for everyone now a day. But this trend will be going on since the beginning of the concept of an attitude of human beings. The dress will represent the class for anybody anytime! For that, the famous sports car brand Porsche Design & sports accessories brand PUMA have collaborated to create a new line of high-end footwear, sportswear & supportive accessories for the 2019 Spring/Summer season. 

The alliance combines Porsche Design’s experienced, practical & refined design philosophy with PUMA’s contemporary performance fulfillment. These Porsche-Puma Designed Sportswear Collections will available in early March 2019. They include concept products that stand for the blending of lifestyle & performance wear dresses. These lively collections will have its own identity on the market & surely expected to be the hot-cake like products, for the customers who always look for the uncompromising products. 

Eventually, these Porsche-puma Designed Sportswear Collection is created for the customers who wanted the best of the best of the best- the high-quality sportswear money can buy. We already know about both brands reputation, and they have the monopoly on their respective fields. This newly settled partnership not just good for them, but also the customers also have the best from both of them. The Porsche Design brings its modern & unique design philosophy in the count, the engineering mindset & strong expertise in the superior & premium section to this collaboration. Meanwhile, the PUMA’s sports proficiency can be seen in lightweight fabrics, seam-sealing knit or in avant-garde cushioning systems. When you area true sports person, you just have to own the high-end footwear, sportswear or supportive accessories for your convenience. 

In this matter the ‘Jan Becker’, CEO of Porsche Design Group said- “With PUMA we have found a qualified partner, who shares the same values related to technological innovation and functional design. We are very much looking forward kicking-off this partnership and to lift the Porsche Design Sportswear Collection to new heights over the following years. The new Spring/Summer 2019 Collection is just the starting point of this valued partnership.” 

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