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Piper-Hiedsieck Launches Bejeweled Champagne Bottles For $151,000 Each

Jewel-covered bottles of champagne pricing $115k USD have gone on auction in Harrods, at the top prices ever charged outer of fine wine sale. The three bottles Piper-HEIDSIECK prestige cuvée ‘Le Secret’ very exceptional is adorned with sapphire, ruby or emerald embedded the core of interwoven bands of gold set with over 500 small diamonds.

Régis Camus, basement master of the champagne house, stated the bottles were so costly because they originate from a secret batch of outstanding 97 vintage Chardonnay and spot noir champagne. Inspired by The Marie Antoinette, gold and gems bottle generated by well known French Jeweler Mellerio dits Meller assist to lift the cost.

The winemaker stated: saw something exclusive in the wines of [1997] and slightly than declaring a vintage masterpiece, he picked to blend a small amount of this cuvée behind near doors, furtively aging it just in magnums in his personal cellar. Today, 20 years later, the outcomes are really unexpected.”
Camus Stated the wine “became to be a master class stroke of intricate finesse”. He commented it has “a very rare intricacy and deepness, with an energetic citrus attack and a restful aroma or taste”. The Home of wine commented the wine has such “classy finesse” that they decided to hire Mellerio to develop special bottles.

Marie Antoinette is a natural connection among our maisons,” the creative director (Lauren Isabelle Mellerio) of the 400-year-old jewelers and a straight descendant of its founding family, stated. “The refined globe of exceptional champagne immediately guided my hand. When drunk, the purchaser of the bottle will be taken to Maison Mellerio in France, Paris. Where jewelers will change the bottle’s elegant adornment into a bracelet brooch, or pendant, depending on the holder’s desire.

Ten of the exclusive bottles are on sale across the world. For those with a little less costly tastes, fifty unadorned bottles are available for $1150 USD.

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