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ONE ROQ Vodka Is Reimagining What the Spirit Can Be

A well known American exclusive spirits firm ONE ROQ Vodka is providing complete access to a true lifestyle experience with rights in its Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Garrett Green, completely believes that ONE ROQ Vodka and is the fist of type innovation in the state that’ll make waves. The exclusive brand is presently accepting users and offering a sole investment opportunity.

Founded in 2016, ONE ROQ Vodka is planet’s first and only superior lifestyle platform offering the true luxurious experience of brand rights, and authentic lifestyle privileges which come with it.
The ONE ROQ Vodka club users receive units of stock in the firm and therefore, yearly payments as a percentage of firm incomes in profitable years. They’ll be capable to influence firm side by casting votes on upcoming future initiatives such as items, club privileges, and packaging and many – many more.

Moreover, the memberships allow taking real benefits on-demand ordering as well as gifting or rewarding services for stocking the home bar, or sending rewards to family, friends as well as colleagues and also enjoy up to 40 percent off merchandise when placed ordered via approved collaborators or partners.

The ONE ROQ VODA and the club joiners will enjoy a real and authentic VIP access to the very special events sponsored by the firm and receive the firm’s quarterly. The ONE ROQ is purely and cleanly self-made Vodka of unparalleled taste and quality. It is bottled as well as distilled in tiny batches form the pristine, hand selected and artisanal Colorado mountain, US Corn, Midwestern.

The Spirit is the very first and exclusively gluten, sulfite with totally sodium free vodka in the Whole world.

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