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Montblanc High Artistry Homage to Emperor Kangxi Limited Edition

With its highly artistry short term edition MONTBLANC revives the fascinating planet of Kang Xi, one of the longest reigning ruler in Chinese time. jewelry creation and Writing instrument in colorful costly stones and gold, every MONTBLANC highly artistry homage to ruler KANGXI short term edition is a personification of Maison’s artistry.

The KANGXI considered as one of the Chine’s greatest rulers, as his reign brought long-lasting stability and affluence after long terms of chaos and war.


The enormous consolidator of the Qing dynasty, he is forever portrayed wearing amazing yellow court robe embroidered with dragon design, one of the most valued royally symbols.

A unique dragon made of personally cut white jade pieces and a line of amazing cut diamonds stones garnishes and the MONTBLANC extremely artistry homage of ruler KANGXI short term edition one, The majestic Dragon fountain pen in an amazing artistic representation of the ruler’s highest power in champagne gold.

The inspiration behind this, the imperial Blue shade dragon is the core color of one of the ruler’s garments. The barrel and the cap are decorated with PAVE of stunning blue Sapphires. A luxurious 5,05ACT red Ruby floats inside the axis instrument in real gold, while the peak of the cap is set with PAVE of luxury diamonds.

The hunter celebrates the ruler’s passion for the tiger hunting. By leaning on the exceptional Grisaille enamel method, utilized using a brush then developing subtle shadows and contrasts using a needle, the barrel and cap emulate white/blue porcelain painting depicting hunters riding their animal as they hunt tigers in the wild.

MONTBLANC also has created a sole stationary book with touches the distinctive shades of the limited editions. Each item is handcrafted with the app of pearls and different beads/features the imperial seal inside and a portrayal of KANGXI.

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