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McLaren Special Operations Creates a New Bespoke Design Theme for 720S

Notably, the main attraction of the Geneva Motor Show of last year has been the newly released McLaren 720s cars. Inspired by the huge appreciation and critical acclamation, the makers have decided to reinvent and release an exclusive edition of the car this December. The McLaren Special Operations is ready to OK unveil two customized themes of the car named as McLaren 720s Track theme and 720s Pacific theme.

When it comes to McLaren Track, the design incorporates a unique color of Anniversary White. The Manchester production line has carefully designed these exclusive edition 720s models. Instead of automated painting, they have employed a group of experienced artisans to hand paint the car for a more detailing and superb finish. All the components of the car made of carbon fiber have been given an unmatched satin finish. Whereas the interior seats and cushions have a rare Jet Black Alcantara look this is really a treat to watch. Moreover, the bright orange stitching creates a warm contrast infusing a sporty look.

However, the McLaren Glasglow is the creator of the 720s Pacific theme which follows the theme of the ocean. As its name suggests, the exterior of the car is painted in Cerulean blue and the interior portion of the doors feature Estoril blue color. However, the buyer can request a more customized version of the 720s to make his car one of its kind.


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