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MB&F Introduces Its Latest ‘Machine’The HM9 Flow’s Retro-Futuristic Design

MB&F or Maximilian Büsser and Friends are no stranger to joining peak end featuring with playful, so far intricate, style. Their timepieces rest among science fiction and art, looking more like something through the sky that something sets snugly on wresting greatly on a mental, alike as the Starfleet device table clock that looks like something from the mind of George Luca. 

Their only released Horological device Nº 9, Flow, might seem a bit higher notch than other galaxy imagination, but it’s no exception to their mystifying design and style. Amazingly reminiscent of super jet the engine, the watch is a super unique combination of Grade 5 Titanium and sapphire crystal. 

The external developing of the HM 9 flow and it is nicknamed almost impossible and required to be made applying completely new techs and techniques, a hallmark for the trademark and its boundary-pushing mechanical works of art. 

The inside working where entire developed in the hose at MB and F consists of 2 lateral that keep flying balance wheels and autonomous regulating ecosystem, one of the pods also keeps the mid managing gears of the engine.   

It is here that earthly differential the averages the production of both equilibrium wheels to display a steady reading of the time as it sits at right angles to the engine with minutes and dials indicating hours.   

The release is very limited to only 33 pieces each of 2 titanium editions. The initial, dubbed the “Air” edition, comes with a bit dark hues and an aviator style dial. The other one, the “Road” edition, is rose gold plated and has a super classic speedometer unique style dial.   

Find a vendor that has the HM 9 Flow ($182,000 USD), which is available now, on MB & F’s official website 

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