Make your skin sparkle with Crystal Complexion Italian Skincare by Lucia Magnani


A Lucia MAGNANI Skincare is the dermatological research idea which redefines the shape of good looks, a new row of cosmetics representing the fruit of over 2 decades with the help of the professor SIRIO PASSI, a professional in dermatology with anti-aging, and the director of SWITH, professor Carlo Ventura, it has led to the making of an item that unites amazing scientific research with the organic elements present in the waters as well as the mud of Castrocaro Terme hot springs via 7 elements with anti-aging characteristics:

Very carefully picked antioxidants (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, Vitis vinifera), the minerals elements present in the organic green saline bromine iodine waters of Castrocaro Terme that lend purity and brilliance, quartz that fortifies and diffuses positive power.

A meeting among Lucia MAGNANI and the creator Marc Rosen gave form to the treasure pack which holds the dream of long life: Lucia MAGNANI skin car packaging. A unique and exclusive artistic creation that blends the Italian style of Fellini’s Love for the world and LA Dolce Vita with professionalism and elegance!

About Lucia MAGNANI
Lucia MAGNANI is not a new one in the skincare world; she was a biochemical psychoanalyst and then a senior administrative working at GVM Care and Research, one of Europe’s biggest health care corporations.

Elegance is not just determined by an aesthetic chance and it’s led by the inner well being that improves the exclusivity of a person’s essence. Her career has given Lucia MAGNANI wide experience. Working with a few of the most well-known researchers for over two decades has allowed Lucia MAGNANI to become a specialist in the science of skin care and well being.

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