Louis Vuitton Launches Latest Fragrance: Attrape-Rêves


Significantly, a well-smelled fragrance is always welcomed by us. The famous brand Louis Vuitton  Launches  Latest  Fragrance:  Attrape-Rêves.  The  Louis  Vuitton Attrape-Rêves is developed by Jacques Cavallier  Belletrud, who is Louis Vuitton ’s master perfumer.  The French word ‘Attrape-Rêves’ translated into English as “dream catcher.” The inner secret of this designer perfume is African cacao flower.   

Consequently, other notable fragrances for Louis  Vuitton Attrape-Rêves are bergamot, peony flowers,  ginger,  patchoulol,  and lychees that are well balanced. They all are playing significance roll in the total mixture of the soul.   

For the realize Louis Vuitton Attrape-Rêves, they celebrate that with a privet cocktail party in  Greenwich Hotel in new york.  Furthermore, there they also debuted the Emma  Stone, who is Academy Award-winning actress for their own house film that is based on fragrance. Not to mention, The combination of fragrance and movie stars are well-known for us since 1952, which is when the Chanel No. 5 is introduced by Marilyn Monroe.   

Each Louis Vuitton Attrape-Rêves is available in designated customizable bottle in 100ml and  200ml pack in a fragrance travel cases with the famous brand name monogrammed.    

Obviously, when you are following the fashion trend by Louis Vuitton, then you should buy this perfume for yourself or your loved one as the gift.

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