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Lotus’s All-Electric Evija Will Go 0-186 MPH In An Blistering 9 Seconds

Hypercars have the capability to make even the most respected performance metrics seem outdated. Take, for example, the 0-6- mph time. For decades, this has been the car industry’s barometer of a vehicles speed. But Lotus does not feel that the spec sufficiently grips just how quick all-automatic Evija will be.

Whereas most car producers are proud to tout the 0-60 mph times of their top-performance vehicles, the British automaker is thinking larger – much larger. Actually, it wants the Evija to be judged by how quick it can zoom from a standstill to 186 mph.

The company’s key test driver, Gavin Kershaw, recently told Top Gear that the firms nearly two-thousand horsepower, all-wheel drive hypercar can target 186 mph in a blistering 9 seconds. It is difficult to really comprehend how quick that is nearly 3.5 seconds quicker than it takes the performance-targeted Bugatti Chrion Pur sport to accomplish the same feat.

Now, do not get it twisted: Lotus is still targeted on a sub-three second 0-60 mph Evija time, it just did not want that the metric to restrict the zero-emission speedster from showcasing its complete potential.

As absurd as a sub-three second 060 mph time and 9 second 0-186 mph time may perfect, those figures exactly align with every item else we know about the Evija. Touted as the world’s most strong production vehicle, the hpyercar will have an all-electric powertrain able of churning out 1,972 horses and 1,250 pounds of twist. Oh, and it would not out at 185 mph. lotus guesses its top speed to exceed two-hundred mph. it will also have a 250-mile and its 70kw/h battery can be completely charged in just eighteen minutes.

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