Legend Launches Its Exquisite iPhone XS Collection


Legend is a firm specializing in exclusive electronics has introduced their delicate iPhone XS range. Being pioneers of the custom-made Apple Watch and iPhone. The company offers a range of customization choices for every model in addition to the possibility of buying the tools.

Every device ordered via Legend’s site is bespoke to the client’s requested specifications with most prestigious stuff by a group of skills craftsman, all specializing in their particular creation such as stone setting, leather, hand engraving, CNC machining etc.

So clients could see the class of their items in person, Legend company is expanding their retailer’s network and all welcomes inquire about their wholesale plan. Legend offers firms and stores the similar custom made possibilities as a for individual clients: designs and styles that reflect the style and uniqueness of the customer.

The latest iPhone XS range is just a small representation of the firm’s capability to personalize Apple items and more can be discovered on their official INSTAGRAM and Website. This collection can be further personalized with costly stones, alternative inlay stuff, bespoke logo, solid gold, hand engravings and more.

Luxury iPhone XS Collection – Models






Aurum Bicolor


Apple Watch 4 – Tempo
Legend was the primary brand to put hand engravings on the Apple watch and carry on to offer this exclusive product with unmatched excellence – there has been a number of copycats.

A lot of these options can be discovered in the Atelier part of Legend’s site.
Each lavishness iPhone XS as well as XS MAX device from Company features 512GB memory as standard and arrives with an extravagance presentation pack which includes 24k gold ear pods, bespoke leather pouch and a certificate of legitimacy.

In addition to custom-made phones, Legend also established the hand engraved Apple Watch idea and continues to offer the Tempo model in 4th generation with delicate hand engraving and exceptional strap options.

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