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Lavish Your Holiday Season with Patrón Silver Tequila 1 Litre Bottle

Spirits brand PATRON has unveiled the short term edition PATRON Silver Tequila ready for Mexico’s holiday period. The tequila’s huge glass bottle was highly inspired by Mexico’s age of intricate glass crafting. It’s 4th in the range of collectible release.

With 33% more tequila that our usual size bottle, the 2018 short-term edition one liter provides an exclusive gifting option for those who appreciate top quality lavish spirits. Each year the short-term edition bottle is a fan favorite which incorporates the finest in quality, design, craftsmanship, and gift offering feature form PATRON – stated worldwide Chief Marketing at PATRON Tequila, Lee Applbaum,
PATRON’s Silver Tequila was uniquely handcrafted in small batches applying Weber Blue Agave. It was distilled and then bottled at the Hacienda PATRON in the venue of Jalisco, Mexico. Last year in Oct, PATRON partnered with French Glass maker LALIQUE to launch PATRON en LALIQUE: range 2, which was made by PATRON expert distiller Francisco ALCARAZ.

The PATRON Silver Tequila: range 2 was also produced at Hacienda PATRON distillery in the venue of Jalisco, Mexico, applying tequila form 2 kinds of barrels consisting of French Oak, US Oak, and Spanish Sherry.

The 2018 short-term edition PATRON Silver Tequila one liter bottle is an amazing gift. A collection of seasonal cocktails, form the effervescent, Ruby Spritzer, (created with Silver PATRON Silver Tequila, Sparkling cider, dash of Angostura bitters and a pomegranate juice) to the very fruity “Buck cherry”, (combining sweet vermouth, PATRON Silver Tequila, cherry preserves and super fresh lemon juice), can be made with the help of the especially-premium tequila.

The Limited Edition of 2018 PATRON Silver Tequila one Liter bottle is available for buy at fine spirits and liquor stores across the state for the suggested retail cost of $69.99 USD beginning this month.

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