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Land Rover collaborates with Clarks to create a new range of all-terrain shoes for men

Even among one of the most passionate enthusiast now, experienced driving shoes are a unique rarity, the niche part of footwear made for the ultimate brake, gas, and some manual transmission, fading quicker than the memory of the clutch part.

More usual currently sneakers drawing inspiration by automotive silhouettes and detailing, primary vehicles in the sports car section, which makes this 3 of new complete terrain shoes, a joint venture among UK Land Rover and Clarks – a very rare instance of footwear inspired by a but a more rugged segment of cars.

The life limitless range is composed of these shoe styles inspired by the silhouette and the driving styles of the Land Rover line: the CLR-51N gives the sleekest and one of the most lightweight feels of the 3, a slip-on style aimed at URBANISTS searching for a casual and comfortable shoes protected with waterproof feature (GORE-TEX Extended) Knotted upper are (Debatably most reminiscent of the Land Rover Evoque).

The mid-CLR52-N shoe is made to be quality comfortable on and off the beaten way, while the other CLR53-N is a beefy outfitted with one of most rugged features on the range, perfect for aka hiking.

From Chief Brand Officer at Clarks, Jason Beckley:We made sure the range adheres to pack of 3 core style laws: stability, Grip, and environment. Much like Land Rover cars, the Shoe range is terrain appropriate, offering practicality and soothe in equal measure to the wearer, parts that are core to our DNA.

The partnership among the 2 UK brands is not just a one-off, but the first of many planned for the next 5 years, with inaugural life. Limitless range launched in fall with one more upcoming round relapsed this spring. The life limitless range will be avail to buy and in picked Clarks retailers.

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