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Lamborghini SC18 Is the First One-off Created by Squadra Corse

Whenever, there is a discussion of supercars, the name of Lamborghini comes automatically. This Italian player has recently unveiled their latest sensation, named as SC18 Alston. The racing car manufacturing unit aka Squadra Corse have spent a good amount of time to develop a supercar which will perform well enough on the roads and racing track simultaneously. As per the sources, the car has a close resemblance with the earlier model Aventador. But they have thoroughly engineered it to transform it into a versatile beast.

To be honest, the engineers from the house of Lamborghini picked up the best technology and feature of their earlier models and tried to infuse them in a systematic way in SC18 Alston. For example, they have followed the theme of Huracan GT3 EVO, when it comes to designing the hood of the car. Whereas, the fins and fends of the supercar are seemed to be clearly inspired by the previous hit Super Trofeo EVO.

However, the car makers have not only paid attention to the design aspects but the technical segment as well. The mighty engine produces an enormous heat, and they have installed 12 discrete vents for sufficient cooling effect. The dark grey base color along with red specs makes the color looks really awesome.

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