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Kylian Mbappé Becomes the Latest Hublot Ambassador

Instantly, the Hublot is a well known Swiss brand of watches for luxurious and full of specifications. The famous footballer Pele was the brand ambassador of the watch at the beginning. But in this year 2018, at the time of FIFA Worldcup, there has come another famous footballer, Kylian Mbappe. The two legends of football are advertising the watch from that company.

However, according to the company, Pele was attached with Hublot for many years. This time the company has expressed an exceptional player to symbolise the fusions of times. The both of men are attached with the same passion coincidently.

Furthermore, as per Kylian, he is the current footballer who is representing the brand value besides following the famous runner Usain Bolt. He is very happy to get the opportunity of displaying the precious watches in the side of advertisements with the king of football Pele. They both have shown their connecting moments through common values in the social media sites.

Additionally, Ricardo Guadalupe added more, who is the CEO of the Hublot, the players are taken for the advertisement for being the magic of sport, powerful to fulfill passions and inspiring fusion of time. According to Pele, Kylian is a very fast and active footballer in the team and also during matches. He is also happy to work with him.

The Hublot is preferred by the footballers because the watches have the latest technologies, well materials of build qualities and after all luxurious in hand.

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