Jaquet Droz Unveiled a Unique Chinese Edition of the Tropical Bird Repeater


The opening of the automaton show, which is the very first of its type, was celebrated in the famous Shin Kong venue shopping mall, dedicated to one of the most prestigious worldwide brands in luxury and fashion, including the JAQUET DROZ boutique.

At the core of such an amazing and exotic setting, the most demanding timepiece lovers encountered the launching of the stunning Tropical Bird Repeater: a super piece of art truly brought to life, improved by hand with engravings and keep paintings. Vice President of JAQUET DROZ, David Lu in China, attended the ceremony alongside CEO of JAQUET DROZ, Christian.

The guests also had the option to discover more about the richness of JAQUET DROZ’s mastery, and to discover an option of the home’s most iconic models, joining mechanical expertise and craftsmanship. The stunning bird repeater, the most charming bird, the super loving butterfly, and the lady eight flowers as well as 3 amazing automaton machines stores in China, showcase the power of the tradition that JAQUET DROZ has shared with the state for centuries.

The creator of JAQUET DROZ was the primary western watch creator to seduce the Qianlong Emperor and the court of the mystifying Forbidden City in the eighth century. Tourists were also capable to learn about miniature painting methods on enamel dials, a big thanks to one of the brand’s artist who made the trip, especially from Switzerland.

With a very limited edition of just 8 watches, the stunning Tropical Bird Repeater joins the finest of the Ateliers de Haute HORLGERIE in LA CHAUX de FONDS. A thrilling model that enchants the eyes only as much as the ears, thanks to the amazing minute repeater striking the striking the quarters, hours and minutes in synchrony with the seven robotic animations.

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