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HUGO BOSS & Porsche Join Forces for Formula E Racing

Definitely, we all like the powerful race car and the unspeakable moment of their stylized driving. The famous fashion brand HUGO BOSS is now acting as the official outfit provider to the entire worldwide Porsche motorsports team for the Formula E racing. Porsche is joining the Formula E racing from December 2019, outfitted with another award-winning stylized luxury costume provider HUGO BOSS. The anticipation will be very high for all Formula E racing lovers. Now we can see some real style mixed with powerful formula cares.

Generally speaking, though the HUGO BOSS has a long connection with the motorsports world, and they also sponsored some of them, now with Porsche Formula E racing team, they surprise all with their unique unusual dressing style. The concept will be like this: a clean-cut & vitalizing black Boss suit, glistening white shirt, black tie, stretchy black leather blouson, red zip-front top, black jeans, etc.

In like manner, from their official words: “Porsche and HUGO BOSS are both uncompromising in style and quality. With our collaborations, we can provide the world some another award-winning experience.” If you want to buy this collection, that is available in the March 2019 as Porsche x Boss capsule collection from any HUGO BOSS store or online.

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