How they do it – Cutting a 1,109 carat diamond, $53 million diamond


Ready to own an extremely elegant slice of history? Pieces of 109-carat LESEDI La Rona Diamond that Laurence Graff obtained for 53 Million USD in 2017, have been faced into wearable forms. The huge, tennis ball sized stone was initially unearthed by LUCARA Diamond Corporation in Botswana mine in Nov. 2015.
It’s the biggest diamond to be discovered at least the last century, and 2nd biggest diamond of stone quality in existence now (bested by the 3,106-carat unearthed in SA in 1905).

After more than one year meticulous analysis and extremely precise cutting the Graff’s panel of Gemologists, 67 exclusive diamond style has been launched. They range in value form under a carat to excess of one hundred carats and include oval and supreme cushion cuts gems into striking solitaire rings, pendants and dazzling earrings (entire rates available on demand).

But huge gem collectors, stay tuned: the firm hinted that the major diamond cut from the LESEDI La Rona will launch in the coming times, and is of unprecedented size.

The Laurence Graff is no stranger to incredible diamonds. He as well as his panel have acquired, cut with polished more than half of the planet’s biggest and most exceptional twenty diamonds discovered in the past hundred years.

In the last years, company has placed his brand as a fearless frontrunner on the megawatt diamond stone scene by obtaining and refining many record-breaking stones, including Graff Venus, the plant’s biggest flawless heart styled diamond; a 373 carat rough from Botswana which was actually part of LESDI LA Rona; the 102 Carat Diamond Constellation, the biggest ever D Flawless round amazingly cut diamond on earth; and 118 Carat Diamond DELAIRE Sunrise, the world’s biggest squire emerald cut fancy vivid yellow shaded diamond – only a name a few.

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