House Of Avakian The Most Glamorous Jewelery To The Stars

Jewellery house renowned for innovation and design, Avakian creations are designed and created for clients seeking the extraordinary. Avakian Genève is a family owned Jeweler’s brand that’s quickly taking over the jewellery world by storm. The company is headed by the Avakian family and Swiss jeweler Edmond Avakian, with flagship boutiques in Geneva, London, Moscow, New York, and Beverly Hills.  

Avakian’s mission is to leave no stone unturned in order to remain at the forefront of international jewelry design. Accomplishing what they set out to do requires that Avakian be as exclusive and select as the luxury sector they cater to. In their quest to conquer world markets and increase brand visibility, they limit themselves to a few select locations and restrict the production of their jewelry designs to exclusive limited editions. In an unwavering pursuit of excellence, Avakian insists on using nothing but the finest metal and gemstones.   

Third-generation family jeweler Avakian is accustomed to serving royalty, heads of state and the Hollywood elite. With boutiques in Geneva, London, Moscow, Beverly Hills, and New York, Avakian attracts clients who seek the extraordinary – from extravagant crowns worn at the weddings of princes and princesses, to elaborate bespoke commissions for dignitaries and oligarchs. 

A family-owned business allows Avakian that responds immediately to clients’need, especially urgent requests for customized pieces, even hand delivering upon request. Avakian’s stone suppliers and Swiss and Italian workshops dedicate themselves to remarkable craftsmanship, be it goldsmithing, enameling or stone setting, and the family prides themselves on their successful and continuing 30 plus years partnership with these suppliers. 

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