Hennessy V.S Limited Collector’s Edition Bottle by Vhils

Hennessy is the most recognized and sold cognac in the world created by Irishman Richard Hennessy at the time of Louis XV and joined the Portuguese urban artist Alexandre Farto for the development of his eighth bottle, this being a special edition, with a unique design Inspired by Hennessy’s emblem, which consists of the Three Stars, made with acid and inks of black and gold on paper, this design will be reflected not only on the label of the bottle but also on its lid, its seals and even in the box . This presentation will be exhibited to the public on October 31, 2018

Alexandre Farto is a graffiti writer, considered one of the best in the world of urban art, when he was 20 he had an exhibition at the Cans festival in London, that was already 10 years ago, this being in 2008. His art goes from sculpting the doors of abandoned houses, to carving posters with a razor, or even turning what many consider junk unusable into art through acid etching.

Vhils, whose nickname receives this artist worldwide and through which he is best known, is characterized by making his art so that the true essence of the raw material with which he has worked is exposed, making this a unique aesthetic in the that he is removing layer after layer until exposing what is below the surface. This artist is an innovator and pioneer in what urban and contemporary art is concerned, and his works are seen through the chisels of various landscapes throughout the world.

Now you can find this limited edition product in its presentation of 750ml for the price $ 50.00, you can search and buy it under the name of Hennessy VS Limited Edition By Vhils. You will receive it by means of a free shipment to the door of your house and thus be able to enjoy from the comfort of this the taste of this cognac.

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