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Handcrafted To Perfection Patrón Estate Release Is Born & Made on the Grounds of Hacienda Patrón

Indeed, good tequila is like a kiss from a woman you love. For the tequila lovers, world’s super-quality ultra-premium tequila provider Patrón Tequila creates limited-edition silver tequila called ‘Patrón Estate Release’.

The Patrón Estate Release is not just limited edition tequila for no reasons! Its made from 100% of ‘Weber Blue Agave’ raised on the fields of the ‘Hacienda Patrón distillery’ and exclusively harvested in Atotonilco-el Alto, Mexico City. 

Surprisingly, the unique process of growing Weber Blue Agave is performed on the super fertilized fields of Atotonilco el Alto. The fully grown plants are then moved for the undergoing process for making the tequila. By utilizing the ancient tahona process, they are crushed, fermented and distilled, which then results as a super premium quality highly complex ‘Patrón Estate Release’ tequila. 

Eventually, the ‘Patrón Estate Release’ also punches and kike well with its 84 proof premium quality. Each bottle is limited on supply and packed on the 750ml bottle that costs approximately $100 or more. The price is very nominal; considering it’s a manual process and the gratitude of making such a good quality tequila goes to the workers. If you love tequila, you should buy this and try as whatever style you want, the ‘Patrón Estate Release’ will not disappoint you. 

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