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Guests of Mandarin Oriental, Milan Explore the Genius of Leonardo da Vinci


The Mandarin Oriental, Milan has started an exclusive accommodation package, the Genius of Leonardo DA Vinci that offers guests with exclusive and unique 4 hour trip of Milan’s Masterpieces of DA Vinci. All available until 31st Dec 2019 and the package offers further itineraries for all guests to pick from the lesser known works of DA Vinci.

A rich of events will take place in Milan throughout the next year to make the anniversary number 500 of DA Vinci’s death. Artist, scientist, Architect, engineer and inventor, Tuscan born left a widely important legacy in the city during his 20 years residency in the city.

People booking the Genius of Leonardo DA Vinci will pleased sole accommodations and breakfast, plus an individual 4 hour guided trip for 2 people, featuring DA Vinci’s must-see masterworks, including the final Supper and the close to DA Vinci Vineyard that the Duke of City LUDOVICO Sforza provided to DA Vinci as payment for painting that masterwork.

All guests will also have an option to admire the 20 volume CODEX ATLANTICUS, the biggest range of writings, drawings, artworks and descriptions of DA Vinci’s fantastic inventions. From 2nd May 2019, the trip will include a tour to the SALA DELLE ASSE in the stunning Sforza Castle, house to one of the first instances of illusionist décor.

Further trip itineraries can be organized or demand, including DA Vinci the engineer which takes in, takes in artworks and models of several inventions, alternately, DA Vinci, his Peer and his advances Bramante’s impressive TROMPE L’OEIL in the Church of Santa Maria San Satire, Michelangelo’s PIETA RONDANINI in the exceptional Sforza caste and magnificent frescoes from the school of DA Vinci in the Church of San Maurizio AL-Monastero Maggiore.

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