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Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Unveiled The Suite Collection

Surely, your tour to Singapore will become much classy with Four Seasons Hotel Singapore’s 12-month room renewal program with 255 guest rooms. They unveiled four exciting suites- Royal Suite, Governor Suite, Ambassador Suite, Presidential Suite; that they start working on the renovation since 2018. Not to mention, the Hirsch Bedner Associates the famous interior designer works on this project, who also works in the Jiang-Nan Chun restaurant renovation project in 2016.

Royal Suite: It’s inspired by the Botanic Gardens tropical splendor UNESCO World Heritage Site nearby Singapore. The Royal Suite is on 18th floor and 1,615 sq. Ft. in total area. The unique sofa sets, well dining space with linen textures reflect the new decoration.

Governor Suite: It’s like taking care of some business with a glass of scotch in cool mind. The total area of 1,798 sq.ft has stylish dark wood detailing and stately ambiance will provide panoramic boulevard view.

Ambassador Suite: This suite combines the unique heritage style with modern trending furniture’s. The 1,798 sq. ft space in 19th floor is waiting to provide unique charm and grace to you.

Presidential Suite: Also on the 19th floor this 2,131 sq. ft Presidential Suite will be the top predator among all. It showcases the history of Singapore from colonial outpost to becoming a modern nation! The furniture’s are in black & white combination, that run’s with the same black & white room decoration will give an aesthetic look.

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